The Battle of Barnet Monument and Garden

Barnet Arts is launching a £60,000 Crowd-Funding campaign to create a heritage sculpture 'Pyrrhic Victory'

Created by local sculptor, John Somerville Please help us reach our target - Every £ helps

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The sculpture of a knight on horse back worn down by battle will be cast in bronze and set on a plinth, creatiing a 2 metre tall monument
  It will be sited on an open space on Whetstone High Road
This is not intended to be a war memorial, nor a memorial to the Battle of Barnet, but a space for local people to peacefully enjoy an evocative piece of art and learn about local history
John Somerville who was disabled by a stroke in 2012, continues to work, Despite this, he was inspired to produce this work by a quote from the Duke of Wellington following the Battle of Waterloo
"Believe me nothing except a battle lost can be half so melancholy as a battle won"
In the centenary of the "war to end all wars", it seems fitting to create a lasting memorial to the Battle of Barnet and Wars in general.
This bronze sculpture called Pyrrhic Victory captures the poignancy and sadness of war, where even in victory there is loss
Although wars often need to be fought. Many times there are no real winners
It is a striking piece of art by local sculptor, John Somerville, commemorating and remembering these important historical events

Its installation will create a focal point to celebrate both local art and local history, improving a neglected green space and giving it a focus
The Monument and Garden would provide a quiet place for the local community, (especially young people, and visitors) to learn about Barnet history and heritage
Local schools will be encouraged and invited to use it for Battle of Barnet projects. It could become a place for local celebrations

Steps to get it done
The Sculpture will be scaled up by John Somerville and the foundry authorised to cast it
The site will be prepared - foundations and paving created for the sculpture
A stone plinthe will be produced as the base of the sculpture
A landscape of Shrubs and Plants will be installed
There will be historical and commemorative plaques produced to go around the site

Please help us make this a reality and support this project with a donation

John produced the Marquette of this figure on horseback some years ago, but due to lack of funding it has never been cast
He attended Woodhouse Grammar School and Barnet College Going on to study Fine Art Bronze Casting under David Reid at Central St Martin's School of Art. He opening his first Bronze Studio in 1979
This Maquette was exhibited at the Royal Academy, where John is a regular exhibitor

His most famous local work is a Garden Seat including Spike Milligan, at Avenue House Finchley.
The product of over ten years work

A brief summary of his work can be viewed here :-
(A five minute documentary made by the Stroke Association commemorating his creative arts award)
John Somerville

His other commissions include rock stars in bronze, for the Hard Rock Cafe in New York, Houston, Los Angeles, Hawaii and Reykjavik
He has held numerous one-man shows in the UK, Europe and The United States

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Contact: Maria Jordan 07949970166   BARNET ARTS   (Registered Charity No 249275)

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