Prize Giving
Saturday 3rd March 2018
The Bull Theatre
68 The High Street

London EN5 5SY

Junior Prizewinners  7 - 11
10.00 am

Judged By  
Katherine Gallagher
First Prize Golden Charlie McKee Martin School
East Finchley
London N2
2nd Prize Ocean Gabriel Travers Heathside Preparatory School
London N3
Third Prizes Haunting Halloween
Brandon Shelley
Goodwin School
London NW7
The Shop That Sold Everything Haydon Lewis Burley in Warfdale
The Sole Of My Socks George Braithwaite London E2
My Head Isobel Elkan Martin School
Witches Joaninha Mira- Matuszezak Martin School
Flying Cat Martha Moustras-Stott Martin School
My Imaginary Friend Margarita Theohari Heathside Preparatory
The Owl Tom Levin Heathside Preparatory
The Seasons Kate Sullivan Heathside Preparatory
I Wish Alas Raja Goodwin School
Halloween Lela Mansukhani Goodwin School
The Amazing City Of London Leyla Shaer Heathside Preparatory
The Snowy Thames Lara Preiskel Heathside Preparatory
Alien Stuff Yonatan Cohen Heathside Preparatory
Adult General Catagory
2.00 pm
Judged By  
Anne Stewart
First Prize Come Back, Come Back Gabriel Griffin Muswell Hill
Second Prize Waiting Room Kaye Lee Enfield
Third Prizes Suspense Belinda Singleton Rugby
Christmas Jenna Plewes Alvechurch
In Which His Ten Year Old Granddaughter Surveys His Right Hand Roger Elkin Bidulph Moor
Of All The Stars
The Lovliest ....
Barbara Cumbers Harrow
Quantum F McDonnell Manchester
An Irregular Hexigon Valerie Darville Enfield
Weathered MarieFrancoise de Saint-Quirin Barnet
The Picnic Anthony Watts Taunton
Obly, Obly, Onker Gabriel Griffin
White Iris Beliz Iris Herts
The Sewing On Of Name Tapes Christine Vial Enfield
The Mouth Of A Shark Christine Vial Enfield
Next Time Alison Campbell London N14
Notes For A Father Terence Jones Barnet
An Angel Singing Judith Tremaine Drazin Bristol
The Grest British Bake Off Tom Vaughan London SW8
The Writers Tale John Gallas Leicester
End User Licence Agreement Doc Giles Calne Wilts

Prize Giving
Saturday 3rd March 2018
The Bull Theatre, 68 High Street, Barnet
0208 441 5010

10am   Juniors   Katherine Gallagher
2pm   General Category   Anne Stewart

Anthologies of all the poems in each catagory £8 (50p p&p)