Prize Giving
Saturday 5th March 2016
The Bull Theatre
68 The High Street

London EN5 5SY

Junior Prizewinners  7 - 11
10.00 am

Judged By  
Katherine Gallagher
First Prize The Visitor Eloise Bryans St Marthas's Senior School  Barnet
2nd Prize   Light Aiyana Gordon Radlett
Third Prizes     The Rain Forest
Marina Pothos-Tapper
London N20
Christmas Magic Edward Steele Woking High School
News Rap Mya Horsburgh St Mary's and St John's CE School
London NW4
  The Blue Malita Shaik Barnet
  Tiger Frase Milligan Woking High School
  Dinosaur Wishes Raffiella Chapman East Sussex
  The Forest Shaim Ardeshna London NW4
  Through The Years Kalim Amir St Mary's and St John's CE School
London NW4
  At The Seaside Aisha Aga Hussain London N21
  The Woods Jamie Jenks Hollickwood Primary School
  I Am The Water Adam MacArthur Marlborough
  Halloween Roslyn Fernando Woking High School
For Those Aged 12 - 16    
First Prize Flamingo
Rebecca Hammett Bedford
2nd Prize White Ella Coggins Barnet
Third Prizes Ball At My Feet Hussain Abukar St Mary's and St John's CE School
London NW4
The Glow Worms Holly Wheeldon Henlow
Numbers Faye Carter Barnet
  Tranquility Rebecca Hammet Bedford
  In A Single Second Faye Carter Barnet
  Dementia Poppy Graham Glasgow
General Catagory
2.00 pm
Judged By  
Mario Petrucci
First Prize I Tell Myself
There's Nothing Wrog With You
Peter Wallis Norwich
Second Prize Chrysaora Mark Totterdell Exeter
Third Prizes She, Me Janet Hatherley Londao N10
Blown Away David Crann France
  1913 Lindsay Fursland Cambridge
  Inside The Sea Monster Tess Jolly Shoreham By Sea
  Intensive Care Charles Evans Lonson SE3
  Love In The Mandibles Rosemary Drescher TW 10
  Antidote Anna Wigley Cardiff
  A Performance Of
'The Winter's Tale'
Terence Jones Barnet
  English As A Second Language Vicky Olliver London N 22
  Knotweed Peter Phillips London NW11
  I Met A Sufi In
The Mosque Today
Syed Haider London E6
  The Letters Ruth Hanchett Enfield
Her Last Ward
Lindsay Fursland Cambridge
  Trap Annmarie Nicholson Enfield
  Tango In
The Cafe Boheme
Gabrielle Griffin Italy


Saturday 5th March 2016
The Bull Theatre, 68 High Street, Barnet
0208 441 5010

10am   Juniors and 7-16's   Katherine Gallagher
2pm   General Category   Mario Petrucci

Anthologies of all the poems in each catagory £8 (50p p&p)