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A generous offer to our Member Societies

Here's an offer of an extra service to member societies and individual artists (who take out a full subscription), to book a page on our website

Almost all member societies have their own their own website
Emphasising the shift from publicising individual events, to acting as a link by creating an Active Listing

Your website with Headlines.

We would like to offer Member Societies, (and individual artists paying the full annual subscription) their own web page on the BBAC website

On your web page will be a direct link to Our Web Site (If you have one)
This will give you two chances of getting your site noticed.
Because of this direct link, you could also get a higher rating on search engines, such as Google etc.
We can supply your organisation with regular figures of Web Space activity

We can now become much more ambitious on what we display on our website
(We can edit your material if necessary)
This is shown in the clips of Local Festivals, and Events

     Art  &  Information Exhibition
    East Barnet Festival 2017  
    Barnet Christmas Fair 2016  

Our web page visitors has risen from around 2000 to an average of 60 000 per month, now including a good spread of visitors from across the world. There are now connectins to China

if you do not have your own webspace we will continue to show the Bull Theatre telephone number as a contact point, and redirect enquiries on your behalf

Contributors may like to offer some extra components that can be put together
Static pictures, Audio, Video, or Script. The choice is yours.

The usual full membership subscription will continue to allow for inclusion in the quarterly Barnet Arts magazine as before, A normal listing of Member Societies, Events, Hotels, and for Individual Artists

We print 3000 copies each quarter which are distributed to members, libraries and art centres in the London Boroughs of Barnet, Brent, Enfield, Harrow, Haringey as well as Hertfordshire
The magazine is E-mailed to most schools in Barnet Borough and many free copies are available at out at festivals and other arts related events and outlets

Pressure on space has mounted with our increased membership, and the increasing popularity of the publication
As you can see it is not usually possible to offer more than one line or a very condensed notice of events in the printed version.
A Web Site is a lot more flexible.
Please send your information to:-
Barnet Borough Arts Council
c/o The Bull Theatre
68 High Street
Barnet EN5 5SJ
tel: 0208 441 5010

E-mail BBAC
TheWeb address is
The Registered Charity Number is - 249275

If you have other interests or know of companies who may like to join us please let us know and we will include them at the normal commercial rate

Download / Print an Individual Membership Form

If you would like to try the new arrangement, please email or post your material with your cheque
Please allow 3 weeks to prepare your information and agree the final layout

Pam Edwards Hon Sec   Barnet Borough Arts Council
c/o The Bull Theatre   68 High Street   Barnet EN5 5SJ

An association of amateur and professional individuals and groups
Providing a forum for the arts in the Borough of Barnet