So ! You're Interested In Being A Festival Maker ?

Have you considered joining the Festival Team as a Steward during the Festival ?
If you have joined us during the past years - then we hope to welcome you back
Perhaps bringing other willing friends with you
Please leave your name and telephone number, and E-mail address Here or just call us -
The Festival telephone number   07071 - 781 - 745

We will contact you prior to the Festival to confirm your availability, and to discuss your preferred place in the stewards timetable

What does 'Stewarding' entail?
It is our policy to promote and maintain high standards of Health and Safety, and thereby protect the local community, the visiting public, stall-holders and helpers, performing artists and entertainers, and others involved in the Festival's organisation
The Health and Safety culture we encourage relies on everyone involved being aware beforehand of the risks and potential hazards associated with such an event. Although all participants are reminded of their personal responsibility for their own and other people's safety, and for implementing measures which ensure this monitoring is necessary
This aspect remains the responsibility of the Safety Officer throughout the Festival, supported by Stewards allocated to specific tasks

Stewarding tasks will be varied and may include:-
Marshalling vehicles along specified routes to defined car-parking areas. Ensuring the entry and exit routes for vehicles, and pedestrians remain free from obstruction. Assistance to stall-holders in identifying their allocated spaces and parking areas. Help to the public on matters relating to the Festival programme, facilities and site layout, reporting to the Safety Officer of any refusal to comply with guidelines for the safe movement of vehicles within the Festival site, instances of theft, lost or found property, or unruly behaviour. Help in reuniting lost children, and, (believe it or not), lost musicians and bands. Respond to coded messages delivered over the public address system, and, if indicated, assistance with the smooth execution of emergency evacuation procedures. Help in maintaining a litter free Festival site, and the reporting of any dangerous situations to the Safety Officer

Are you the sort of person we are looking for?
If you are still reading then you undoubtedly are !
We need people who are eighteen years of age or over, are physically fit and able to patrol for a two-hour period
Help in providing a permanent presence in the Festival Office and Safety tents during any period of the Festival would also be appreciated. Can communicate clearly in English, although familiarity with an additional language will be very welcomed. Enjoy meeting and dealing with the general public, observant, and able to identify situations which conflict with our Health and Safety strategy, and of which the Safety Officer should be made aware
Willing to move from task to task as priorities change and new needs arise

Additionally, the right sort of person will not mind:- Wearing the fluorescent tabard provided - (This will identify you to the public as being a Steward). Wearing appropriate clothing and footwear to minimise risk of injury - long trousers, jeans and stout shoes or boots are suitable
Taking proper precaution against long weather exposure
Avoiding the consumption of alcohol before or during their period of duty
We will offer Vouchers to all Stewards for later presentation at the teas area (Church House)

How do I volunteer to become a Festival Maker ?
Simply leave your details Here  or call our Festival telephone number
07071 - 781 - 745.
We will approach you prior to the Festival to confirm your availability, and to discuss your preferred place in our timetable. You will then receive the briefing documents and parking permit, as necessary

Thank you